The Trial of the Mount Temple


Amberley Publishing - 2012

Amberley Publishing - 2015

A steamer lay within sight of the RMS Titanic as she sank, according to ample witnesses - including highly experienced crew who studied this potential saviour through marine binoculars. Officers calmed panicking passengers by telling them rescue was imminent. Captain Edward John Smith even instructed Titanic lifeboats to row to the tantalising stranger and return. But the other ship did nothing. Seen and pursued by launched lifeboats, the mystery ship had disappeared by daybreak, despite distress rockets she could not have failed to see, wireless appeals, and Morse lamp signalling at close quarters. What ship was she? Here at last is the compelling evidence. The British Board of Trade was told in 1912 of serious charges against the Canadian Pacific liner Mount Temple - yet failed to take any steps whatever. This book uncovers those allegations, the identity of claimants, and the reasons they must be taken seriously. A century since the sinking comes the trial of the Mount Temple and yours is the verdict.