Rustie BROWN

Blue Harbor Pr - 1981

Have you ever wondered what happened before, during and after the R.M.S. Titanic met her seemingly preordained destiny? This comprehensive book tells the whole story and debunks the myths. Based on over ten years of research, The Titanic, the Psychic and the Sea explores the psychic happenings, the premonitions and the myriad of meaningful “coincidences” connected with this most legendary disaster. Rustie Brown also brings us up to date on the latest plans concerning the search for the Titanic.

Noted psychic researcher Alan Vaughan says: “Stranger than fiction this book reveals the underlying destiny of those who chose to sail on the maiden voyage of that ‘unsinkable’ ship.”

This book relates the story of 96-year-old Edwina MacKenzie who dreamed of this floating palace before she ever set foot on her, Eva Hart, whose mother knew; the ship was headed for doom, Charles Louch, whose picture was placed in a Victorian album among a sea of icebergs twenty years before he had even heard of the Titanic, and scores of others enmeshed in the cosmic clockwork of Fate.