TITANIC (1943)
Nazy Germany's version of the disaster


Books on Demand - 2012

A long time before James Cameron conquered the cinemas with his blockbuster, a German Titanic-film let the viewers tremble in 1943. Director Herbert Selphin became part of the NS-propagandistic apparatus. He had the order to include its anti-British slogans in a seemingly objective film. The present book examines how much propaganda the film TITANIC (1943) actually contains; it seeks to explain why the completed film was awarded the label ..politically valuable" at first, but only a little later was ordered to be banned by the Minister of Propaganda. Until the present work, there has not been a comprehensive insight into the prior political history, the script, the shooting and the publication history of the film TITANIC.

Enjoy a quite different Titanic-book on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the famous ship's maiden voyage. Including numerous, previously unpublished photographs.

The author Malte Fiebing studied German Philology and History and has worked as an academic advisor for several Titanic-exhibitions. He has been chairman of the German Titanic-Association for several years.