An Illustrated History of the Olympic Class Ships


The History Press - 2012

ISBN-10 : 0752453106

ISBN-13 : 978-0752453101

The Olympic is certainly a marvel of shipbuilding. Her immense yet harmonious proportions, the gracefulness of her lines, her great towering height, and above all the idea of strength, stability and enormous power which a first view of her conveys, touch the imagination with a sense of wonderment which only increases as one has the opportunity of studying her more in detail. She is the highest achievement of the shipbuilder's genius, and with her sister ship, the Titanic, she stands unapproached in the race for leviathan liners. Her distinction is indeed well deserved, and her builders and owners merit all the congratulations of which they have been the recipients on the enterprise, applicability, skill, and the desire to excel which are exemplified in every feature of the vessel.

Cork Examiner, 16 June 1911.