History Channel

Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire USA Sharon PETZOLD 2012 Couleur 45 mn

100 years after its sinking Titanic is being rediscovered in 3D. To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, Titantic 100 Years in 3D combines stunning 3D HD imagery of the wreck with powerful untold stories of passengers and crew, letting audiences experience the real life drama of Titanic in a way never before possible.

In 2010, an unprecedented expedition by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and RMS Titanic, Inc. went on location to document the entire wreck site of Titanic, using high-resolution optical video, sonar, acoustic imaging and 3D HD video and acoustic modeling. These incredible visuals will be accompanied by the untold stories of people who were on the ship, narrated in voice-over by actors.

This superb brand new History Channel documentary gets the viewer closer to Titanic than ever before. 3D cameras deliver real time images from the ocean floor... 2 and a-half miles down. This immersive 3D voyage allows us to experience Titanic as its passengers did 100 years ago.