Covenant Communications and Pick It Up Motion Pictures

Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire USA Brandon SMITH 2012 Couleur 1 h

The RMS Titanic was built to be unsinkable. But on a fateful Sunday night in April of 1912, the largest passenger steamship in the world sank. Of the 2,208 people on board, only 712 survived. In this moving documentary, personal accounts from long-lost voices of those who booked passage on the Titanic bring an intimately inspiring perspective to the greatest tragedy of the early twentieth century. You will come to know a celebrated educator and humanitarian on his way to speak in Carnegie Hall, a young Mormon mother returning home to her family, an amateur photographer who must decide whether he will follow his heart or listen to his head, missionaries who sense the hand of God guiding their journey, and a young girl on a courageous journey home. These true stories of faith, hope, and survival are illustrated with archival film, photographs, dramatic re-creations, and music from the period to poignantly tell a few of the personal stories connected with the maiden voyage of the most luxurious ship the world had ever seen.