History Channel

Disc 1. Lost worlds Building the Titanic :
The construction of the "unsinkable" Titanic needed an army of workers and the resources of a specially constructed town with purpose-built docks to assemble it. This revealing programme tells the forgotten story of Belfast's "Titanic Town" and what it took to build the largest passenger steamship in the world.

Disc 2. Titanic's final moments Missing pieces :
Join a team of historians, marine architects and engineers for an incredible expedition to the actual wreck site of RMS Titanic, 2 an a half miles beneath the surface of the cold Atlantic Ocean. Watch as they make an extraordinary discovery that is likely to rewrite the story of Titanic's final moments.

64-Page Titanic compendium :
From its origins, construction and launch, through to the improbable yet deadly combination of events that contributed to its sinking, this gripping 64-page compendium takes an in-depth look at the tragic story of the passenger ship that never completed its maiden voyage. Packed full of rare archive photographs and newspaper clippings, this brilliantly written compendium tells the story of the ship that has captivated us all since that fateful night a century ago.

Lost worlds
Building the Titanic

Titanic's final moments
Missing pieces