Morning's Mist Films

Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire CA Robert W. ZIMMERMAN 2014 Couleur 30 mn

Some events are so indelibly engrained into our culture, they live on long past their time or importance. Halifax has bad its share of triumph and tragedy, with over 10,000 wrecked ships offshore. One ship in particular still burns bright in its consciousness.

FOR A CENTURY NOW, Halifax has executed the solemn and sacred role of guardian of the Titanic dead. Titanic’s story of opulence, arrogance, gallantry and loss always remains just below the surface of Halifax's daily life. City of the Dead: Halifax and the Titanic Disaster showcases important events, locations and people connected with the Titanic disaster; the role Halifax played in the recovery and disposition of the victims, as well as commemorations to mark the 100th anniversary.

Titanic’s connection with two main marine disasters to strike Halifax
• Opposite philosophies on safety: Cunard vs. White Star
Titanic Exhibit at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
• Centennial Commemoration events in Halifax, April 2012
• Interview with the grand-niece of the only survivor from Halifax

This is the only documentary film to cover the whole story, from the disaster in 1912 to the solemn commemorations 100 years later in 2012.