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The Floating Palace set sail from Southampton to New York City on April 10, 1912 on her maiden voyage with 2,223 passengers and crew members on board for this monumental journey. The hopes and lives of many were cut short when the Titanic collided with an iceberg on April 15. Only 705 people survived this tragic incident.

Her story goes beyond the mere facts. These four fascinating programs take the viewer "deeper" into the Legend of The Titanic. There are undiscovered interviews with survivors, artifacts and memorabilia from the ship, and footage that has never been available before. The controversy of why so many lives were lost is still being scrutinized and argued, and we still cannot supply the answers. This series looks into some of the issues still being kept alive by experts and enthusiasts. It’s the myths, the legends, the personal memories and associations that are just as much a part of this epic and tragic tale.

Titanic the mystery & the legacy
Echoes of the Titanic

Titanic the mystery & the legacy
Titanic remembered

Titanic the mystery & the legacy
E. J. Smith the Captain of the Titanic

Titanic the mystery & the legacy
Titanic end of an area

Titanic survivors