The Mystery & The Legacy

Madacy Entertainment

Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire UK Ray JOHNSON 1998 Couleur 55 mn

What led to the tragic loss of the ship they called “Unsinkable” - excessive confidence in technology, astonishing bad luck, fate? This captivating, feature-packed video draws on a variety of fascinating sources to answer that question. Experts in ship design and construction, marine archeology and sea ice offer intriguing professional insights into Titanic’s life and death. Beautiful visuals include astonishing computer animation, underwater footage, icebergs forming, antique illustrations, photographs and shipbuilding from models to complete intricate vessels. Was the great ship doomed from the start? The colorful world of seafarer’s superstition is explored as it touches on Titanic’s story. Premonitions and an eerily accurate work of fiction preceded the fateful voyage. Science and legend meet in a compelling tale of human ingenuity vs. Nature’s inexorable force.