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Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire UK Ray JOHNSON 1998 Couleur 55 mn

This video investigates the legend that is “The Titanic”, with fascinating facts, memorabilia and personal recollections of the great ship. There are contributions from survivors and from relatives of others on board - some who survived, some who went down. Expert Peter Boyd-Smith is interviewed in his shop "Cobwebs” and shows us a wide range of memorabilia - from the most popular to the very rarest. Members of the British Titanic Society give valuable insight into the story and the great interest in “The Titanic” - still growing, worldwide.

In Southampton, we visit the Maritime Museum, attend a commemorative service and see the various memorials to the ship and her crew. At Colne, Lancashire - birthplace of the ship's famous bandleader Wallace Hartley, we hear genuine 1912 commemorative music played by the “Titanic Ensemble". At the White Swan Hotel, Alnwick, Northumberland, we see in detail the complete First Class Lounge and staircase from the sister ship Olympic - the last remaining impression of what it was like to be aboard Titanic. Previously unseen material, untold stories, rare collector’s items - plus interviews with many experts and enthusiasts combine to tell us and show us the importance of remembering the Titanic.