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Documentaire USA Tim SPRING 2012 Couleur 52 mn

Titanic - The Shocking Truth explores the conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank to the bottom of the Atlantic. Evidence is documented to support the theory that the Titanic and her sister ship, the Olympic were swapped and the weakened Olympic tragically sank.

Review evidence and reports of the day that show the Titanic was never ready for sea by the time of her maiden voyage. Analyse the motives of the unscrupulous owners of the famed White Star Line to see if they swapped the twin ships which were built side by side.

Investigate a scheme to secretly recoup the losses from the disastrous early history of accidents involving the Olympic. Find out if White Star Line scuttled the imposter ship for financial salvation not realising the tragedy they would unleash. Were White Star Line and the British government responsible for possibly one of the greatest frauds and sea tragedies in living history?

Titanic The Shocking Truth documents the British and American inquiries, eyewitness reports of survivors, newspapers, photographs, film and radio of the day.