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Documentaire UK ? 2012 Couleur 58 mn

This programme tells the definitive story of the building of the Titanic, and includes interviews with people who saw the great vessel being built and launched and those whose lives it has touched in different ways. It also revisits the slipway at the Harland & Wolff shipyard where, in 1911, 15,000 shipbuilders worked on the construction of the Titanic and its sister ship the Olympic. It features an interview with Belfast-born film director Bill MacQuitty whose 1950 film A Night to Remember, first told the epic story of the Titanic disaster. Clips from this film are also included in this absorbing documentary about the ill-fated Titanic and the city where it was built. The legacy of failure that haunted Belfast for the past century, following the Titanic disaster, has finally given way to a much more positive mentality, where the achievement of actually building such an engineering marvel is finally being recognised and celebrated, as this documentary confirms.