(5 Parts of 45 mn)

Channel 4 - National Geographic Channel

Catégorie Nationalité Réalisation Année Image Durée
Documentaire UK Spencer KELLY 2011 Couleur 3 h 45

Rebuilding Titanic is a five-part series showcasing a determined team of experts as they bring the Titanic back to life. These experts use 100 year-old methods to rebuild iconic sections of history's most famous ship, including a piece of the steel bow, the anchor, and some of the Titanic's most luxurious interior fixtures. Walking in the footsteps of the mechanics who originally built the Titanic, the experts uncover the lives of those who built it before them and reveal secrets about a ship that was once thought to be unsinkable.

Episode 1 : The team reproduce a 30-foot section of the steel bow to scale, and erect it at the dock where Titanic was launched, as a gift to the people of Belfast and a tribute to the shipbuilders who made her.

Episode 2 : The team walk in the footsteps of the heroic steel workers and coal miners of Britain a hundred years ago.

Episode 3 : The engineers unleash the force that made Titanic a technological marvel: electricity.

Episode 4 : This episode focuses on the luxurious interiors, fixtures and fittings of Titanic: fittings so expensive she was the 1912 equivalent in luxury to today's Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.

Episode 5 : The engineers explore the safety features on Titanic and the heroic efforts of the engine room staff who gave their lives in a desperate bid to evacuate the sinking ship and summon help.