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Catégorie Nationalité Réalisateurs Année Image Durée
Documentaire USA Stephen BURNS 1997 Couleur 1 h 33

In April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg, the RMS Titanic cruise ship sunk into the North Atlantic ocean, in one of the most notorious disasters in world history. Touted as unsinkable before its maiden voyage, the manner in which the Titanic sunk has long been a mystery and source of debate. Scientists and researchers combine underwater archaeology, forensic science, metallurgy, microbiology and sonar imaging to present a complete investigation of the sinking and attempt to answer puzzling questions about the wreck. Computer graphic animation will create important aspects of the sinking. In addition to interviews with scientists, survivors will share their thoughts and dramatic recreations will offer a view into the history as it was happening.

Une équipe scientifique va reconstituer les dernières heures du Titanic. Leurs recherches porteront sur l'étendue des dégâts causés par l'iceberg ainsi que sur les matériaux qui composent la coque du bateau.